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Bobbin Basics

remove_bobbin_case.jpg (12257 bytes) Open the shuttle case door.  You may have to remove the accessory tray first.  Pull back on the bobbin case latch to release the catch.  You can then remove the bobbin case. Notice how the bobbin case "finger" fits into a groove in the shuttle.
bobbin_case.jpg (6869 bytes) This is what the Bobbin Case looks like from the side.   The screw on the side of the case is used to adjust the lower thread tension.  Most of the time, though, thread tension can be adjusted by tightening or loosening your upper thread tension.
bobbin_rhand_case_lhand.jpg (2562 bytes) Wind thread onto your bobbin.   When you're ready to put the bobbin back into the case, hold it in your right hand so that the loose end points towards your right palm.
thread_bobbin_1.jpg (2142 bytes) Pull the thread into the Thread Slot.  It's a little hard to see this in the picture.  Refer to the Bobbin Case picture above if you have trouble.
thread_bobbin.jpg (2036 bytes) Pull the thread from the thread slot under the tension spring.  The tension spring is a flat piece of metal.  Pull out five inches or so of thread.
bobbin_tension.jpg (1020 bytes) As long as the bobbin case is out, check the tension by hanging it by the thread and bouncing it a little.  It should descend very reluctantly when you bounce it, stopping rather quickly.
Now pull on the bobbin case latch and then slide the case onto the shuttle.  Make sure you line up the "finger" with the slot on the shuttle.   When you release the latch, the case should attach securely to the shuttle.  To finish threading the machine, pull out a little of the upper thread (the one threaded through the needle), hole it in your right hand, and then manually turn the hand wheel towards you.  The needle will descend into the hole and will grab the lower thread.  When the needle comes back up, pull on the upper thread (the one in your left hand) and it will pull up the lower thread through the hole.  Congratulations!  Now you know how to thread the  bobbin case!


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