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Fleece Mittens

By Dawn Rorvik

These fleece mittens are inexpensive to make and very easy to sew. The pattern can be scaled to make mittens for adult- and children-sized hands by changing the size of the squares in the grid. For example, if the size of the square is changed from 1" to 3/4" then the mitten fits a hand girth of 6-1/2", a hand length of 6-1/2" and a thumb length of 2-3/8".

Another modification would be to make the mittens from windblock fleece. They would be extra warm, but a bit more expensive. The windblock fabric contains a barrier layer within the fleece for insulation against windy conditions.

2 of each pattern piece (Important Note: If the fabric has right and wrong sides, flip over the thumb and the palm patterns before cutting the 2nd set of pieces.)
4 pieces of elastic, each 4-1/2" long


(the seam allowance is 1/4")
On the wrong sides of the mitten back and thumb piece, stitch the elastic along the dashed lines.
With the right sides together, match the diamonds and the thumb edges of the palm piece and the thumb piece.
Sew across the palm and around the thumb, stopping at the diamonds.
With the right sides together, stitch the mitten palm and thumb pieces to the mitten back piece, starting and stopping at the diamond mark.
Finish the bottom edge with either a 1/2" hem or a lycra binding.
Repeat above steps for the other mitten.

Pattern Pieces:
Seam allowances ARE included.
Grid Scale: 1 square = 1 inch



-Dawn Rorvik


AYCE says
Thanks to Dawn Rorvik for contributing this great project.
Women's Large/Men's Medium
Hand girth: 9"
Hand length: 8-3/4"
Thumb length: 3-1/4"
1/4 yard of polyester fleece material
Thread to match
18 inches of 1/4" elastic
Optional: matching or contrasting lycra material