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Thread Tension

Making sure your machine's stitch is balanced is crucial to your homemade gear project's success.  Take the time to get it right!




In the diagrams, I never tell you to adjust the tension of the stitch by changing the bobbin's tension screw. Try to adjust the stitch balance with the top tension first. Only adjust the bobbin tension if you absolutely can't balance the stitch with the top tension knob.

If you have to adjust the bobbin's tension screw, do so very gradually. It doesn't take much to damage the tension mechanism of the bobbin casing. Mark the setting of the bobbin's tension screw before making any adjustments so you can easily go back to its original setting.

When your tension is adjusted correctly, the 'lock' part of the stitch is right between the two layers of fabric as shown in the middle picture. Now you're ready to start on your homemade gear project!