Best Jacket Insulation
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I see there are insulation choices for the Maxima (etc) jacket kits.  My understanding is that PL Sport is made from short staple fibers that are (heat?) bonded into a sheet, but PL1 is better (higher CLO) short staple fibers that are quilted to light scrim material, and Climashield XP is a little stiff for clothing.  I’m not sure if Climashield combat drapes less than PL Sport or not.  If Combat drapes well, maybe it’s a higher CLO and more durable (Continuous fiber) option than PL Sport.

Anyone have any insights about which insulation option would be best for a jacket ?  Warmth per packed size is probably most important to me - as long as the two alternatives are pretty close in weight, and one alternative isn’t significantly less durable after being stuffed pretty tight (but not compression sack tight). 

Also, I’m semi-considering going with down.  Does the down come in syringes with measurements on the side ?  If not, does the down have to be weighed for each baffle, or is there an easier way ?


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The synthetics I offer aren’t so different that one is so far superior to another as to make the choice clear-cut.  But all things considered, Primaloft Sport is the best all-around choice for apparel and small-panel projects while Climashield is the best for large panel projects like quilts and bags. 

Primaloft is very consistent even in the lightest basis weights like 1.8 oz, a weakness of Climashield.  Sport is also less bulky and has excellent drape, softness, and durability.  In small panel projects like apparel its requirement for quilting at 2 square feet intervals is minimal.

I have all these materials on hand and for my own apparel projects I go with Sport for the reasons above. I have also set up Primaloft Sport in a basis weight that I think is the best match for the design of the kit as the default selection.  The other choices are offered because all choices will work and I think it is important to let people customize things as they see fit, an important goal of the home gear maker.