questions about materials for making a down quilt
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A couple of questions before I place an order?

Do I have to purchase in 1 yard increments?  Can I purchase 2 1/2 yards of a material?  I think I want to use momentum on the inside for comfort and something else for the outside for durability if I can purchase in 2 1/2 yard increments.  Is momentum the most comfortable?

Which material do you recommend?  I plan on making a down quilt and expect to use 5 yards of material. Using the lightest weight material (momentum) would be 4.5 oz.  the heaviest material 1.9 oz/yd *5 yds=9.5oz Lightweight is good but I’m more interested in durability over weight. in order of importance: Durability, Comfort, Cost, Weight.

Next question is about thread?  Is there a good clear thread to use?  It seams (no pun intended) that a clear thread would be the best looking.  However, I would want durability over appearance. 

Thanks in advance


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The quilt kit includes 2.5 yds of each fabric.

Momentum is by far the best fabric available right now, bar none.  The price for the momentum version of the quilt kit is priced $20 less than the individual components which is a great discount on very high quality materials.

If want the 1.9 oz fabric, call in your order.  Realize, though, that the 1.9 oz weight is the weight before the finishing is applied to the fabric.  That 1.9 oz teflon dwr fabric comes in at about 2.5 oz/sq yd.  I don’t recommend that fabric for a quilt.  It is primarily an apparel fabric.

Pick up some 100% polyester thread, such as made by Guttermann or Metrosene, and match the color to your shell.