Need Advice on my first quilt
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I am getting ready to attempt my first quilt. Would someone please answer the following questions for me?

1. For the outside, not the insulation, do I use 1.1 oz Nylon or 1.1 oz Silicone Impregnated and why?

2. Most of the quilts I see use one color for the outside and a different color for the inside, Is there a reason for this or just personal preferrence. I was considering using black on both sides.

3. When choosing the climashield insulation I notice that there are 3 different ones: 2.5 oz with .6 loft,  3.7 oz with .9 loft and 5 oz with 1.2 loft.  If I want a quilt for cold weather do I just pick the 5 oz with 1.2 loft or is there more to it than that.

4. If the foot box better with a draw string closure of a velcro closure?

5. Finally, if I want a head hole to wear as a poncho do I just cut and make a large button like hole for my head when I am all done, or do I cut a slit and then use velcro to close it when I am using the quilt as a quilt and not a poncho.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help.


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1) Use breathable fabric so that you don’t get soaked from body moisture condensing.

2) Typically black is used as a liner with the line of thinking that you can dry a bag quickest by turning it inside out to expose the liner.  Black should absorb heat from the sun better than lighter colors.
Similar reasoning applies to light colored shell.

I use black sleeping bag liners but choose shell colors that I like. I also have several items with liners other than black that perform well and look sharp.

3) 5 oz will probably get the average person down into the 30’s, and the stout down into the 20’s.  Make your first quilt from 5 oz and start testing it at 45 F temperatures, working your way down until you get a feel for what it can do. 

4)  you’ll have to provide more information on what you’re planning to do here. 

5)  if you go with the ‘buttonhole’ route you’ll have a zero-loft area at the head hole.  If this is really for cold weather as you implied earlier, you’d be better off not having that zero-loft area.  It looks like you’re thinking like I am RE the velcro comment.