Free Esbit…(Sorry, All Gone)
Posted: 24 March 2008 05:18 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I have a whole bunch of esbit tabs left over from a 2000 pct hike.  I think this stuff lasts forever.  You pay shipping (from Seattle).  Not sure how many tabs… a shoebox full anyhow so perhaps 100-200.  Actually worth a good bit if you were to buy them.  Looking for someone who will get some use out of the stuff (future thru hiker tight on cash, tinkerers, boy scouts, fans of esbit).  Please be honest and don’t contact me if you want to resell and make a few bucks.  I’m trying to pass on some goodness here to someone who can use it in the community rather than making money.  Be warned though that the shipping likely won’t be dirt cheap since esbit is kinda heavy (a least in bulk).  Might consider splitting up a bit if someone can’t use all of it.

Shoot me an email.

kenpuhn (at) hotmail (dot) com