Okay I loaded the bobbin, now the trouble starts
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Okay, I’ve read everything from every sight. I load the bobbin, but I get lost everytime. I think there’s a problem with putting the bobbin back on the machine… Does anyone know where I can find a diagram for it all? mainly to get the bobbin back on right. I’m going crazy about this! Please help!

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Hi Sandi-

Have you seen this article yet:  http://thru-hiker.com/projects/bobbin_basics.php

If you still have trouble and you’re really stuck without help, take your machine into anyplace that sells thread and fabric and they’ll show you how to take care of getting the bobbin case back into the machine.

Here’s an image I found using google images of the bobbin case assembly:  http://www.geocities.com/claw.geo/m15-bcas.gif