Needles and Momentum
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What size needle do you use when sewing Momentum?

Do you find that some needle and thread combos work better than others?

I use Metrosene thread and seems like I had bird nest problems when using small (size 60?) needles, but not with an 80.  I have a big cone of poly thread that does not seem to want to work with anything less than a 90.  But, bigger needles mean bigger holes, and for a fabric like Momentum it seems you would want to keep the hole size as small as possible.

But… what is the real difference in hole size between a 60 and a 90?  Could anybody without a microscope see/tell the difference?

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According to what i’ve read, the european size (60,90) are the diameter in 1/100 millimeter. So a 60 is 0.6 mm. I’ve been using the gutermann’s polyester through a 65 needle with no problems.

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-Schmetz Microtex Sharp Needle in 60/8 or 65/9

-Gutterman 100% Polyester Thread

I started with Gutterman thread and Schmetz Universal 65/9 needles on all the Momentum I was sewing. After thousands of stitches I moved to a #8 needle and found the hole it made was noticeably smaller. The needle is thinner and I broke a couple here and there but got better at working on my stuff. Then I found the “Microtex Sharp Needle” which is a flattened needle and started using that. Not only do they last longer but the hole they make is way smaller than anything the “universal’s” would make. I’m getting pretty nit picky at this point but in the end it really does make a difference and I think the sharp needles work really great.