DIY Quily Breathability
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I’d like to make a 30 Deg. quilt using Climashield with a waterproof Nylon shell. I would like to use a fabric inside that is less ’ clammy ’ than Nylon, though, to enable sleeping without extra clothing on when it is a little warmer out. I was thinking of using one of the wicking fabrics like Polartec Powerdry Silkweight or Powerdry Mesh.
My question is : Is that going to cause problems ?
Is so much moisture going to get trapped in the insulation that it sets up a Heat conduit, so to speak, and I’ll lose too much body heat ?
If it’s the case, any better ideas ? Change the shell material, maybe ?

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The liner won’t cause a problem other than that it will be heavier than other alternatives.  You can use them with no worries with climashield because continuous filament insulations do not require a downproof shell like primaloft does.

The waterproof shell, on the other hand, will cause a problem by not passing body vapor as opposed to a water resistant shell like Momentum.  This reason why you don’t see waterproof shells on sleeping gear, but that doesn’t stop a lot people from trying (and maybe one or two from actually ending up with something that works for them so don’t let me discourage you if you’re all fired up on the idea).

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you might take a look at some of the nylon suplex fabrics. They are breathable nylons that have more of a cotton feel. As AYCE says you’ll take weight penalty but it will be way less then power stretch or 100 wt fleeces.

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Try silk on the inside.