Questions about Ray-way Backpack
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I am attempting to build the Ray-way backpack based on the instructions in Trail Life. Since I have little sewing experience, I’m in need of some advice regarding the backpacks construction.

Diagram Key for attached image:

A) Backpanel, 330 Denier Cordura
B) Reinforcement Panel
C) 1.5” Flat Nylon Web. Overlaps D by ~.5”
D) .75” Flat Nylon Web
E) Shoulder strap padding & casing
F) Upside-down ladder lock
G) .75” Flat Nylon Web
H) Reinforcement Panel. Spreads load.

Notice that in the Ray-way backpack, the ladder-lock buckle is positioned upside-down and located closer to G then E. According to

“With the Ray-Way pack, the buckles are located at the bottom of the pack, such that you pull up to shorten. While this arrangement is unfamiliar to most hikers, it is much more effective. Namely, it moves the buckle and the webbing tail from out of your armpit area, to down on the pack where it belongs. This streamlines the pack, makes it more comfortable to carry, and prevents chafe to the inside of the upper arms.”

On with the questions:

1.) Since G wraps around F, that means G will be a double-layered piece of fabric when it is sandwiched between H.

Will all of those layers be too thick to sew through?

If not, should G also be sewn into the seam where H meets A?

Would it be wiser to use Grosgrain ribbon for G?

Would an x-box stitch be a wiser choice compared to several
rows of zig-zag stitches?

Should H be eliminated all together and instead sew G into the seam of A?

2.) Regarding B:

I was thinking two layers of 330 Denier Cordura. Thoughts?
Should they both be the same size?

What type of stitch would you recommend for attaching them to A?

3.) Regarding sewing C to B:
Would an x-box stitch be a wiser choice compared to several
rows of zig-zag stitches?

4.) Thoughts on using Grosgrain ribbon for C, D, and G.

5.) Regarding H, I was thinking of using 330 Denier Cordura. Thoughts?

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The diagram ids different than the instructions/dvd. On my pack G is sewn directly into the seam for A but the 2 ends are not sandwiched as one would think.
They’re spread like a V with the 2 ends going into the seam and the point of the V is the part wrapped around,normally,the buckle.
It is just sewn into place.

As for the other questions;I followed the instructions because I figured he wrote them that way for a reason.