Shell fabric for “wilderness-proof” quilt
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I’m new to this DIY stuff, so I’m hoping I can get some fabric selection tips.

I’m looking to make a multipurpose “field” quilt/blanket/ground cover.  I want it to be:

* Water/wind proof (or at least highly resistant).

* Usable as ground tarp (ie, plop it down on wet, possibly even somewhat muddy/nasty ground, and then put myself and my gear on top of it without it soaking through or absorbing moisture).

* Take some degree of abuse like being walked on by boots if necessary.

* Grime tolerant (ie, be able to wipe grime and muck off of it fairly well, after abuse like above—particularly for re-packing and re-use in the field)

* Be pliable—ie able to easily wrap around myself as a makeshift poncho or field blanket without it being stubborn about its shape, etc.  Probably wouldn’t be used for sleeping, so doesn’t necessarily have to be “comfortable” on the skin or anything.

* Provide insulation/warmth if needed.

* If possible, retain some degree of breathability.

* Be as lightweight and packable as possible while still meeting the above specs.

Climashield seems like the ticket as far as insulation, however I’m a bit unsure on what to use as the outer shell material.  Would either the SpinnTex EXP 0.8oz or the 1.1oz Silicone Impregnated Ripstop be suitable, or would you folks recommend something else?


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Hi aikigeek,

I don’t know of any textile that will fit your full list of wants. 

For shell materials, stick with things from the ‘breathable’ section of the site.  If you have to make it more durable, you can go with a heavier weight textile such as the 1.9, but I suspect when you drill into this a bit more your expectations will be more reasonable.