Synthetic Sleeping Bag
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So im allergic to down. Big problem for weight savings. My main uses involve alpine climbing and rock climbing.

So im looking for a synthetic sleeping bag on the colder side of things. I currently sleep in an extra wide extra long golite 20 and have taken it down not so comfortably to 10 F.  What is the best synthetic insulation to use for a sleeping bag? How easy are they to construct (i have minimall sewing skillz).

Also has anyone ever used thinsulate insulation in the bottom of their bags instead of completely removing the bottom like quilts or big agnus?

the commercial market for synthetics is really lacking in comparison to down.


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There is a ton of basic info available here at the forum.  Use the search function and the terms quilt or sleeping bag to pull them up.

Sleeping gear can be as simple as a rectangular synthetic blanket.  If you’re new at this, start with a few simple projects and then you’ll be better equipped to tackle something complicated like a full on winter bag.

Thinsulate is avoided for bags.  It is primarily used for things like gloves/boots/hats/etc.