Hydrophobe thread questions
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Questions on Thru-Hiker’s thread- I was hoping to get one type for all my general gear use.

Silnylon ponchos, tent floor, etc-
I’m going to seam seal these.  Does the Hydrophobe do a good job at absorbing solvent based silicone?  What weight thread is suggested for silnylon?

Water resistant/DWR fabrics- I think I know the answer- it’s great and use tex-24 with a thin, sharp needle.

Stretch fabrics-
Does the thread have any stretch?  My instructions for sewing Polartec say use “good polyester thread with stretch” and use a zig-zag stitch first then finish the seam by stretching the fabric and doing a straight seam.  Does Hydrophobe have much stretch?  I’ll also be sewing water resistant stretch fabrics like Polartec Powershield so the anti-wicking property is ideal.