Finally made my quilt
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After thinking about it for a couple of years, I finally made my quilt. I made it nice and big, the way I like it, about 60” at the head, 38” at the bottom, 84” long (before hems). It has 2.5” baffles, 12 oz. down fill, made from Momentum, and weighs in at 23 oz. I added velcro to form the foot box, and added a cord and cordlocks to close the bottom. I am very happy with the size and weight, and it packs very small.

It’s first trip was a week in the Sierras (last week) and it performed very well. It held up to any moisture that got on it (heavy condensation a couple of nights in my homemade tarp tent, and lots of rain all week) and still kept me very warm. I used a new Big Agnes Insulated Air Core (recently returned my original one, as it did not ever hold air for the last several years). I was very happy with my entire sleep system.

A couple of problems: I used 1/2” velcro to form the foot box, and it would come undone during the night. This did not bother me, as I was usually too hot, but my socks kept getting caught in the velcro and it was very annoying. I might replace the velcro with 3/4” in the future if this continues to bother me, or not wear socks!

This replaced my 1980 Goretex Bag that weighs in at around 6 lbs. for a 76% weight savings!!

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Sounds like a really nice piece of kit, congrats!  do you have any pictures?

I know 2 people who have had problems Big Agnes pads.

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This replaced my 1980 Goretex Bag that weighs in at around 6 lbs. for a 76% weight savings!!

76% weight savings: priceless.

RE velcro: you’ll probably have a similar problem with the 3/4” velcro, if not immediately than after it has seen a little use.
Sometimes people back up velcro with snaps or buttons.  Dritz ‘anorak’ snaps are decent and come with the tool to set the snap right in the package.  Available at local fabric stores in the notions isle.

Or, you could put in a one-way separating zipper.


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couldn’t you just sew the foot pocket shut and skip the velcro or snaps or whatever??  that’s how mine is.
nice job!!