help with button holes
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I’m working on my first project (LR pants) and I’m to the point where I need to sew the button holes backed up with grosgrain.  The problem is that the feed dogs on my machine are spaced almost exactly the same with as the grosgrain so that it doesn’t feed very well.  Also, the button hole pressure foot is wider than the normal pressure foot so just flipping the grosgrain nylon stack isn’t a very workable solution either.  Should I first attach the grosgrain to another layer of fabric with a “window” cut into it so that it doesn’t get sewn into the button hole?  Is there a better solution?  Any pointers would be great!  Thanks in advance…


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Hi Gus,

Try attaching the grosgrain to the base fabric around the edges prior to sewing the buttonhole.  As an alternative, you can cut a larger reinforcement patch out of excess fabric and use that.

Good to hear you’re making progress.

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Hey Gus, Even with button hole options on my Singer, I have always had problems with button holes.  Maybe you can find something helpful from this You Tube.