machine foot vs. insulation: foot wins!
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I’m working on making a Kinsman pullover. I have a bunch of feet for my sewing machine, but all of them have some variety of forks sticking out of the front - perfect for catching the insulation while sewing it to the lining. (My machine works much better with insulation up, rather than down).

AYCE mentioned using tape on the foot to help with this problem in the thread titled “Insulation side up or down through sewing machine”.

I found a parallel solution, also with tape. I just fold a scrap of tape over the front of the foot and trim it so nothing is sticking out.

For yucks I timed my speed with and without tape. Twice as fast with tape! Whee!

I’ve attached a pic of the taped up machine foot, hopefully it will show up.

and, yes, I’ll post a pic when it is done

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Great tip. Thanks.