can the DWR be washed out of Momentum?
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I’m using Momentum as the bottom layer of a “summer coupler” project.  (This connects two pads together and zips to a Western Mountaineering Mitylite as a top quilt.)  I don’t see a need for DWR in this application; I’d prefer as much breathability as possible.

Is there an easy way to wash out the Momentum DWR?  I’ve run the fabric through the wash with some mild soap a couple times (after searing the edges) and to its credit, the DWR really is Durable!  Water still beads up on the fabric.

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While I know of numerous wash-in DWR’s, I don’t know of any products that will wash out a DWR.  But for a bottom layer like you describe, I don’t think the breathability of the fabric is going to be a large factor in overall breathability of the end product.