New but old sewing machine and Xpac fabric
Posted: 13 August 2010 12:31 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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I have been a customer of ACYE’s for awhile but this is my second post. I picked up a great used sewing machine today
My kenmore finally died. The Juki for home sewing machine I just purchased just sucks.

My new/old sewing machine is a used Riccar Rm 540 super stretch my main reason for purchasing it because it has a 1.0 amp motor verse most home sewing machine have 0.75 amp motor.I purchased it from Sew Pros here in San Diego so it been gone through by tech to tune like new. The owner of the company was telling me they just don’t make sewing machine like this anymore he would buy thousand of them if he could find them.

So I tested the machine It has 5 mm length stitch you can use the 1st step in the button hole to bartack it bartacked easily thru 3 layers of 1 inch flat webbing when I was testing the machine It also stitched through Xpac fabric and webbing like it was nothing . I down loaded the manuel and I was surprised to find out it has hemming foot that folds hem automatically once you start the hem. They use this type of foot on industrial machines to sew straight uniform hems and also for sewing cross grain ribbon because it makes your work faster and cleaner because of uniform folding attachment .
So I am happy camper now with the Riccar sewing machine.

I have also been using dimension polyant sail cloth Xpac fabric .
Have any of used this fabric?
I have been sewing using the VX07 version of Xpac. It is a 70 d ripstop laminated to a .25 PET film sailcloth technology it weighs 4.9 oz. per sq yard. I made one pack but was not happy with the design it weighed in a 23 oz on a post office scale. The pack was 12” wide by 10” deep by 36” tall with a roll top closing and outside front pocket made out of Xpac also. So the weight was great but I am not happy with the design. So back to the drawing board.