3D foam for shoulder straps,Dyneema X
Posted: 18 August 2010 08:52 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I have question since this is my first time working with 3D Foam on the shoulder straps of what combination of fabric works best. The shoulder strap I will be using is the pocket design. Sew and then turn fabric inside out and put closed cell foam in the pocket.

Do you put the Dyneema X for the top of the shoulder strap and 1/4” closed cell foam then another layer of Dyneema X and the the 3d foam? To make the strap more water proof and stiffer.

Or only use top layer of Dyneema X ,closed cell foam,3d foam?

Also I use white colored pencil for marking the pattern I am having problem getting it mark on the back side of the fabric. What does the board members use colored pencil or fabric ink markers in a different color than black or white to mark out their pattern on Dyneema X?
I also noticed you need new or sharp scissors for this fabric.