technique for summer weight down comforter/quilt
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I’m interested in making a down comforter/quilt that is about 1/2” thick, similar to the Montbell UL down apparel.  It would be sewn-through in a grid pattern.

Does anyone know a technique for making those small cells at say 2” x 2”?  I’m concerned that filling them manually one at a time would be really tedious and likely they would come out uneven due to to the tiny amounts of down to be weighed.

One thought I had was to try continuous tubes instead.  If the tubes had a ripple pattern like the North Face Beeline bag uses that could keep the down from shifting somewhat.  Or maybe the tubes could be really small the like North Face Flash jacket?

BTW, if anyone knows of such a quilt I could buy commercially, I’d be happy to trade some time for money!  So far I haven’t been able to find anything in summer weight.  Or any recommendation for a custom shop that could make something like this reasonably?


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I don’t know of an easy way for the home gearmaker to easily stuff a box quilted item.  Large boxes are, for the reason you described, less labor intensive than small boxes.  I’ve experimented with stuffing a large tube and then sewing the cross tube box stitching after the fact and with box-by-box stuffing. 

There are so many zero-loft areas with box quilted items it’s hard to argue that the greater down stabilization of more box quilting is a large improvement over more sparse quilting.  Wavey tubes, such as on the beeline, are more of a style element than a functional one.

At this point in time I only have limited experience with box quilted items and can’t really say if continuous baffles or box quilting produces a more efficient bag.  It’s often overlooked, though, that baffling is as important for controlling compartment bulge as it is to segregate fill.  I have been interested in experimentation designed to allow the calculation of a sweet spot with regards to box size, fill density, and bulge.