washing and drying advice
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So I’m a bit of an idiot and got my newly finished kinsman dirty.  I washed it on the gentile cycle, but in my haste to get it dry and ready to wear quickly, I put it in the dryer for 20 minutes.  I meant to use air fluff only (no heat), but the dryer was really on low heat.

I’m wondering what (if anything) bad I did to my garment.  The fabric feels a little different to me (perhaps less slippery) and it sort of feels like it has less loft.  My mind might be playing tricks on me because I know what I did was dumb anyway.

Thoughts, advice?


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No worries Gus, you didn’t do anything to it.  In fact, washing your item is good for it, and the dryer is OK too as long as you keep it at the lowest heat setting or use no heat. 

have a blast with your Kinsman and congrats!

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I agree with Ayce.

I look forward to washing my military M-60 jacket liners because they come out with more loft that they go in with….....and I’m using regular heat.