Completed synthetic Quilt
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I recently completed my synthetic quilt project. I made the quilt using 5 oz climashield insulation and 1.1 ounce nylon. I followed the design outlined on the backwoods day dreamer site. Finished weight of the quilt is 26 ounces, and it packs down to a very reasonable melon size. Glad I went with thru-hiker materials as this is much more compressible and lighter than what I’ve seen posted for ray-way quilts.

I made the quilt with generous dimensions (84 inches long, 54” wide at top) in order for it to function as an overbag in the winter. I am also hoping it is large enough that I can skip the need for a bivy sack. One addition I’m planning to make is to add some sort of strap system underneath to help keep the quilt attached to my sleeping pad and avoid too much movement. Any ideas for doing this?

My old 20 degree down quilt only weighed 6 ounces less than my new synthetic version, but was at least twice as expensive and came with all the high-needs hassle of down. I’ve already used the quilt inside of a vapor barrier bag (adventure medical kits bivy) for a big boost in temperature. The bag was damp in the morning, but no big deal with the synthetic insulation - and I slept super warm. Can’t do that with down! 

I’d say 20 degrees is a reasonable low limit for the 5 oz climashield insulation, given the appropriate setup regarding base layers, shelter, pad, etc.

Overall I am very happy with the result! Thanks to for your wonderful site, materials, and support.

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Looks good, I like the color

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