Apex Underquilt
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I am making a torso length underquilt with some Apex I ordered Monday.  I have a piece coming in each weight so I have options for this project and materials for the future.

I will be making this underquilt about 40x48, with a differential cut outer shell. I want it to be warm enough to take me to freezing.  I intend to use it for May/Sept BWCA trips.  I sleep a bit on the cold side.  I made a previous quilt using two layers of combat.  That was full length, darted but never really did seal up all that well.  It was good to about 40 but that was it.  So my initial thought was that i would need a layer of each weight, for a total of 7.5oz/yd, same as the other quilt.  I figured that being torso length (and lacking darts) it would snug up better and be warm enough.

I’ve posted on anther forum and the feed back I am getting is that a single layer of 5oz should be good down to 20 and would have no problem a 30.  That does match the CLO chart but based on my previous experience that seems like a stretch to me.  Like I said, I may just have had gap issues.
I’m very interested in other opinions….

Also, do I need to used quilting loops for an area this size with Apex?

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Have not used Apex but have used Climashield Combat for a couple of hammock underquilts.  Because the continuous fiber synthetics form a mat instead of being loose, the shape of the quilt makes a big difference. Down puffs and expands to fill minor gaps, Combat less so, without a good shape (including darts) you will have trouble cold spots.  Full length provides more challenges, there is a greater perimeter to defend.  It’s amazing how a sleeping body can distort the hammock shape so much. 

Summary: I never solved all the problems in my efforts and in frustration eventually switched to down.