Should I quilt/stabilize Apex?
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I just ordered some Climashield Apex to use in a sleeping bag for my wife and I’ve read that Apex doesn’t need much, if any, quilting to keep it from shifting in larger panels. The largest panel I’m planning on having is 34"x72”, should I run a couple of lines of stitching across it to be safe or will the insulation stay in place fine if I don’t? This will be my first large synthetic insulation project, is there anything I should be mindful of as I start? I’ve made a down quilt and even though I love it very much, the hassle of working with down was more than I’m willing to go through again. I’m hoping the Apex will be much, much less frustrating to use.


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It’s helpful to quilt climashield a bit, especially if you plan on washing your item.  But over the past few years enough people have gotten away with not doing it.

I think if you’re the kind of person who is careful with their gear and doesn’t plan to wash the item much, you can probably get away with not quilting too.