Materials Needed for a Kinsman shell (sasquatch size)
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Hello.  I’m thinking of making a kinsman, but I thought it might be nice to also make a single-layer uninsulated windshirt/shell as a practice piece first.

I was wondering how much fabric it would take to make an XXL kinsman.  I’ll probably be adding a few inches (3ish) to the length and the sleeves, because I am built like a sasquatch.

I guess I’ll also need 2’ of #3 zipper, some eleastic for cuffs, and some shock / cord locks for the waist.

Am I missing anything?  How much yardage would I need for this?


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I made a Kinsman in XL and the kit came with about 2.4 yards of shell material and 2.4 yards of liner. It was a good but fairly snug fit for me, especially in the body. So I’d guess that starting with 3 yards would give you plenty of fabric for a single-layer practice run.

(For reference, I typically wear XL in most of the main outerwear manufacturers.)

Incidentally, the sleeve pattern is plenty long - I’d be surprised if you had to lengthen it at all. The body length worked perfectly for me as is.

Two feet of zipper would be more than enough. Your wrist elastic would be less than 12” each wrist. And for your waist cord, I’d go at least 50” or so to make sure you have enough.

If you order the kit, you’ll have everything you need for your real project and will know how much practice stuff you need to get.

The kits are highly recommended.

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