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I found a super helpful little gadget for altering or creating patterns. It’s a small measuring wheel that lets you quickly measure the length of any curve.

What’s nice about this versus a French curve is that it will measure any size or shape of curve in one take, and super quickly.

With a French curve, I had to move it around, trying to find the right curve and then adding sections together. With the measuring wheel, you just roll it along the curve and you’re done. I did it several times per line at first, just to make sure, but found that it was extremely consistent and accurate.

The measuring wheel is $15.50 and worth every penny. I could not find one of these anywhere else on the internet.

They are sold at an Etsy shop called SACurve. The owner is very nice and offers to replace any items that were broken during shipping (mine arrived perfectly intact).

Another great gadget on the site is a French curve that lets you draw the seam line and cut line at the same time. The ruler/curves are 5/8”, 1/2”, or 3/8” wide so you can choose depending on how wide you usually make your seams. You can get a set of a large and small 5/8” curves for $31.50. Being able to draw both lines at the same time is a huge time-saver.

Measuring Wheel:

5/8” Curves:

Highly recommended!