Liberty Ridge Hood
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I decided to try adding a hood to the Liberty Ridge jacket I made. I had never made a hood before, so this required a few muslin practice runs.

I started by looking at a few patterns online, including the one here on Thruhiker, as well as a couple on They all seemed fairly similar in design: two curved side panels and one mostly straight rectangular piece.

I bought a Green Pepper pattern (neglecting to notice that it was a child’s version!) and started with that. I then compared the hoods from my own jackets to see which fit best, and it turned out to be the Arc’Teryx Atom LT. So I used the Green Pepper pattern but adjusted it to roughly match the Atom’s hood dimensions. Then I adjusted it again by measuring my own head where the seams would lie.

The Atom’s hood is designed to fit over a helmet which I didn’t need for the LR so I reduced the dimensions to account for that. That was accomplished by a forehead-to-back of neck measurement, reducing the length of the center rectangular piece long seams accordingly.

I measured the “circle” opening around my face to get a rough idea of that dimension. That pattern adjustment was done by editing the curved “front” part of the side pieces. Since I was planning to use a Lycra binding, that curve did not include a seam allowance.

The hardest part about making the hood was trying to figure out why, despite having identical seam measurements, the curved side pieces and straight center piece often ended up off by over an inch when sewn together. I’ve noted my experiences and a possible solution on this on another thread. (Sewing a Straight Piece to a Curve Piece)

I finished the front opening with a Lycra binding and just serged the other seams, though French seams would work very well here too.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the hood, considering it was my first attempt. The prototype seemed to fit well enough that I didn’t even adjust it for the final version.

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