Extend the temperature of a quilt?
Posted: 15 October 2017 09:19 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I have a 20* quilt, which has kept me warm to 30* or so.  I don’t think it would keep me warm at 20*, though.  I would like to find a way to boost the temperature rating without costing a whole lot (me and everybody else, probably).  I think I remember seeing a picture of someone, don’t have any idea who, who had taken a piece of synthetic insulation, cut a hole in it, put it over his head like a poncho, and then put a wind shell over that, and used it as a vest.  It made great sense. Insulation and a wind block.  I wondered about doing something similar over my quilt.  I’d like to take a piece of insulation—the kind that is like a mat, and sew really light weight black fabric on one side, as a sort of wind-break/keep-the-heat-in layer.  (I sleep in a tent.)  I’d put the quilt next to me, then use elastic and clips to loosely put the insulation next to the quilt and the fabric layer on top.  I’d probably only use it once or twice a year, but I’m not seeing a reason it wouldn’t work.  I’d most likely have my Kinsman on, so this would mostly be on my lower body. Any thoughts? 

Thanks.  Pringles