Synthetic quilt construction questions..
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Looking at building a KickAssQuilt. (

In the instructions they use a “quilting loop” as the primary quilting technique and assume this is only used to simplfy the construction. My first impression is that this will never last. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Does a high tech insulation like ClimaShield need to be quilted?

When looking at my Sierra Designs PolarGard 3D bag I see no such loops. Are they there but unseen under the liner? Can you sew the insulation to the liner and still perserve loft?

Google searches on the subject lead nowhere, any help would be appreciated.


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The way he’s doing it looks like the ray way. I haven’t done this myself but I backpack with a friend who made a ray way bag about 3 years ago and he’s still very happy with it.

I’ve been thinking of making a kickass quilt as well. Why don’t you use some of the Prequilted Momentum-6 oz PL1-Scrim or 3oz that AYCE sells this would save you a tone of time and also be really light. I think since you’ll be hanging it and not really putting all your weight on it the PL-1 would hold up fine.

What’s been holding me back is looking at weight and insulation I really think down is the way to go. I don’t think it would be hard to take the desgin and add the needed baffles. You could just follow the directions on this site and make them from no-see’em netting.

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The quilting loops do not have much strain on them.  Their purpose is just to keep the fill from shifting or bunching up. Since they are so visible it is easy to keep an eye on how they are holding up. The synthetics are more bulky than down.  The synthetic quilt will take up more room in your pack than a down filled one.

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the conventional wisdom is that loops are suitable for stabilizing continuous filament insulation like Climashield but stitching to a scrim or the liner/shell is the way to go when using short filament insulation like primaloft.