tooth zipper for whitney
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I’m working on the whitney jacket kit right now. The instructions explain how to install a coil zipper but I’ve got a tooth zipper. I was wondering how I go about installing it because it’s too long and seems difficult to shorten.

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Hi Tom-

You can shorten a tooth zipper the same way that you shorten a coil zipper- cut it to length.

The difference will be in the way you keep the slider from sliding off the teeth.  Coil zippers have little stops that can be installed.  Tooth zippers are usually terminated by one of the following:

-folding the zipper back on itself and tacking it in place.
-cutting off two teeth and inserting each between the two highest teeth on each side of the chain.  glue in place
-feeding the chain into the top of the collar.  this is what I do, and what is usually done with commercial jackets.  take a look at some and you’ll see how it’s done.  this is probably the hardest of the three, but looks quite nice.

Your zipper is probably quite a bit longer than what you need.  Practice whatever you choose to do on the extra before committing on your whitney, and let me know if you have any other questions.