Super Easy Shelter
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This may be a dumb question, but I will never know unless I ask.  I have just started making my own gear, and I an satisfied with my stuff sacks.  I want to try bigger and better things.  I am looking for a VERY simple shelter design so i can try and get some of the different seams down.  Any ideas will be helpful.  Thanks for the insight!

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You can use a three yard piece of silnylon to make a tarp.  If you have a sewing machine, and some patience with slippery fabric, making a simple tarp shelter shouldn’t be very complicated.  First cut a strip off the end so you have extra fabric for your reinforcement patches.  Then hem all the edges.  Sew a triangular reinforcement patch onto each corner, and along the edges where you want your side tie outs.  Sew grosgrain webbing onto the hem where you have reinforced the fabric for all your tie outs.  Silnylon is 60” wide, so you wouldn’t have to sew a center ridgeline and 5’x9’ is plenty big for an A frame set up, as well as a half-pyramid, lean-to, modified lean-to, etc, so the only work you’d be doing is the hems and the tie outs.  Check out Mountain Laurel Designs’ tarps for pictures of how the reinforcements look when they’re finished (