Whitney vs Maxima warmth
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I am considering making a coat. Can anyone report the coldest temps they have experienced comfortably with either the Whitney or Maxima (5oz Climashield)? If no one can estimate, how do they compare to each other for warmth? Should either be considered a general use winter coat?

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I don’t think anyone has made a Maxima with 5 oz XP yet- you’d be the first.  Lots of folks have used 6 oz PL sport, but I haven’t made one with the heavier insulation basis weights.  Maybe you’ll hear from one of the higher basis weight insulation folks.  Tough project; not a lot of people have tackled the Maxima.

I’m most familiar with the Whitney and the Maxima with insulations around 3 oz.  In those situations, they’re good for me high 30’s, lower if active. 

I use those two coats all the time here in NH winter for day-to-day stuff, but it’s active.  The Maxima pattern wasn’t made to be a full-on winter parka, though there have been folks that have put in a record 12 oz of primaloft.  I’m sure that required extensive modification to the pattern.  You could probably get 5 oz in there without mucking around with anything except perhaps moving final seam from the side to the bottom hem. 
The whitney probably shouldn’t be radically overstuffed without redesigning the baffling.

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I do not have any experience with the Maxima jacket (maybe one day) but I have made and wear the Whitney quite often.  I live in Colorado so the mountains can get quite chilly.  There have been times when I have been in weather that was probably in the single digits with my Whitney.  I was quite comfortable but had a fleece jacket underneath the Down jacket. (layering is key)  I guess I would have to say that I have never been cold wearing my Whitney and have spent a considerable lengths of time in cold weather.  If you want to go really cold, I would try baffeling the Whitney just as you would the down quilt on the website.  This will increase the loft in the jacket and get rid of cold spots where the stitching is.  I have not tried it yet but intend to the next time I have the money/time.  It would take a bit of creativity, but isn’t that why you are here?  I am sorry I don’t have any information about the Maxima Jacket, but hopefully someone else can fill in the loose ends.

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