bivy pattern template
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Another option to using cheap material to make a mock-up is to use a painter’s drop cloth.  I used one that is a bit thicker than paper, has a plastic bottom, but is easy to sew.  I used this when making a bivy.  After sewing a bivy out of the painters cloth, I took it apart and then traced the pattern from the painter’s cloth onto a large piece of cardboard. (My daughter just bought a couch from Ikea wrapped with cardboard).  So, now I have a cardboard template to use when I need to draw out the pattern on the bivy fabric. For the opening of the bivy, I copied the Integral Designs South Col Model.
Note the zipper going down the side is not sewn along the seam, but about 3” in from it.  There is one opening , but two zippers, one horizontal, the other vertical.  The ends meet at the right angle of the opening.  Include two zipper pull along the horizontal opening so that there can be an opening either to your left or right for your “breathing hole”.  The South Col has a netting which is attached and can be rolled up into a flap going over the zipper.  The netting has another zipper to close it along the bottom.  I did not add this to my bivy, nor did I add zipper flaps (draft covers), because I used a waterproof zipper.  Without seam sealer the bivy weighs just under 6 oz. (Momentum top, silnylon bottom)  For the foot box, I used an oval shaped template and a piece of Momentum.  I used a felled seam for as much of the side as I could.  I sewed the top and bottom pieces together all the way around, except across the bottom, so I could turn the bivy inside out at the end.  The I cut out an L-shaped slot for the opening and added the zippers.
Momentum is nice cloth and it sheds water nicely.