Draft stoppers on Quilts
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Ray calls them “draft stoppers”.  The Thru-hiker quilt was not wide enough so I added wide draft stoppers to help keep the edges down around me when asleep.  I sleep on my side or stomach down.  At first I added a zipper and had a full lenght flap underneath along with straps to hold a pad in place.  I found I never used the zipper, and did not need the flaps to go all the way underneath, so I removed the zipper and shortened the flaps.  I also do not use the velcro that was supposed to help hold the flaps in place.  Ray’s quilt includes draftstoppers and a “gorget” which is adds a curved shape to the top, or head end, and acts as a head cover as shown in the “cacoon” photo. Only the top of my hat is exposed.  Ray offers a kit for a separate hood to be worn sleeping or around camp.  He has a photo of its use at his website.  Golite used to sell a separate hood, too.  Maybe they still do.  The neato quilt (not shown here) is a traditional quilt shape with no foot box which means my feet often sneak out from under at night, but this is not a problem in the summer.  A drawstring does help some.  The quilt shape makes it easy to drap over other bags or quilts for more loft and warmth.
For the Ray Way Quilt both the fabric and insulation, I started with pieces 53” wide and 86” long.  !4” of the fabric length are used in making the “gorget” which make the top of the quilt curved.  Ray has an easy formula for coming up with the proper width for you based on your body size. And an easy method for making the curve.
To quote fprovis:  “Visit ray jardine’s web site for some illustrations. Basically, you add a skirt of shell fabric about 7” wide around most of the quilt. The main purpose of the draft skirt is to stop drafts, but you can also lie on it while side-sleeping to hold the quilt in place. And for God’s sake, make the quilt large enough to cover you completely with a little to spare on either side if you plan to use it below freezing. Saving an ounce or two is pointless if the thing doesn’t work properly.”

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Nice looking quilts Rambler- thanks for the post and especially the pics