Down Pants?
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I have completed the Whitney Jacket and absolutely LOVE it, but it feels as if I am still missing something.  some pants to go with it!  I was wondering if anyone has tried turning the Liberty Ridge Shell Pants into down pants?  I think I could make the shell with two layers and use baffeling to insulate the pants with down.  I feel as if this would make an ultra-light insulated pant for those chilly nights around camp.  AYCE, do you have any experience or know of anyone who has tried this before?  I would like some advice or tips before diving into a project like this.  Good idea or Bad idea??

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For someone who has done the Whitney, down pants will be a piece of cake.  No problem.

Baffling would complicate things a little, but not too much for pants.  I don’t think it’s worth it unless you’re planning on a lot more fill than the Whitney, but it’s a personal choice: if you think it’ll help I see no reason why you shouldn’t.

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Nunatak makes down pants.  Maybe take a look at their design and how much down they use and the height of the baffles they use.