Material for Dog Rain Jacket?
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I think I may make a rain jacket for my dog Lola, and wondered if anyone has any suggestions as to what material I should use. She is a 70 lb lab mix that runs around the woods with exuberance, so durability of the material will take precedence over weight, but light weight would be nice to. Must be waterproof. Breathability is not a concern. Perhaps a heavier version of silnylon? If you have any ideas I would appreciate it, and please include the name of an online retailer that might carry it. Thanks.

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Pretty much anything will work for this project.  I made a waterproof cover-up for my own dog (65 lb mixed breed) made from 1.1 sil nylon 2nds that works fine.  He tears through the woods like any other dog.  It was very easy to make and I figured that when he damaged it, I would make a new one and build in any improvements suggested through use.  I don’t know if its use is of benefit to the dog, and he seems to get as wet with the thing as without. Warmer with it: maybe.  Keeps him from drying out as fast with it: maybe. 

For heavier fabrics, you could go with a 1.9 oz or heavier poly-coated widely available locally through places like JoAnn’s, or the heavier 1.9 oz sil (not sure where: seattle fabric or oware?). Once you’ve decided to not use 1.1 oz or lighter base textiles, the use of silicone instead of poly-coating becomes less significant. 

I’ve been using lycra binding strips with velcro as the under-belly straps for dog gear with good success: soft enough not to chafe the dog, elastic-but-not-too-much to hold the gear in place.
pic: 1.9 oz chili teflon dwr shell-5 oz XP insulation-1.1 oz liner (not the raincoat, but best I could come up with)

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