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How does SpinnTex Pro 0.8 oz Silicone Impregnated Ripstop stand up as a flysheet compared to 1.1 oz silnylon? My understanding is that the polyester is a better material on several criteria (stability, UV resistance, strength), but does this stand up in practice, when one takes in to account the lighter weight of fabric? The weight saving makes it attractive, in spite of the extra cost.

Recently completed a Minima vest - really pleased with the result.


Steven R.

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SpinnTex Pro has been in trail use for two years now and I feel confident that it has established itself as a viable alternative to standard 1.1.  I have had postitive feedback from several multi-thousand mile hikers with spinntex pro tarps.  Hard not to be interested in a 1:1 substitution for something that will save you a quarter pound.
While you do mention the areas where polyester has better characteristics than nylon, the main weakness of the 0.8 is its tear strength.  If you’re careful to design and build your tarp properly this difference should not be an issue.  In particular, make sure that the fabric does not slip which can cause the stitch length to shorten to the point of perforations which greatly reduces tear stength.

Nice job on the Minima!

Good to have you here Steven