Parka with PL1
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Hey Ayce, it is just about time for me to make a nice parka as winter in Canada is fierce at times. I want to make one of your kits with some personal mods of course;). I want to use your heavy PL1/ momentum combo but none of your kits seem to come with this option, could you let me know if we can do that and at what cost. Apart from that I plan to have a hood, full zip and be able to convert it to a vest as my mood dictates, does your pattern allow for these options? I can do it myself but I need to know what to buy. Btw I finally found a source for those zipper pulls, I had to buy lots of little complete zippers but I have the pulls at last.


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Hi Adam-

You can substitute that 6 oz scrim- PL1-black momentum at no extra charge if you order a kit with 6 oz sport and momentum while supplies last.  There isn’t a lot of the 6 oz left so if this is something you want to do move reasonably quickly to avoid disappointment.

RE modifying: this is only limited by your ability to pull off your modifications.  Some alteration info is included (torso length, relaxed fit), but no instruction is given for things like extra pockets, hoods, etc.  All modifications are complicated and for best results require prototyping and revision.  See the recent post by Joe regarding his modification of the armscye for a first person account.  I will 2nd his recommendation of the Harper book as being an excellent resource for modifying outdoor apparel patterns.  None of the kits will have any materials lists or instructions for things like removable sleeves, etc- you’re on your own.