Charging Batteries
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I’m curious as to how others are handling the battery charging problems on long hikes.  With the older SLR and regular film cameras, the batteries were simply CR123 lithiums or AAs—something that can be found at most stores.  With the newer digital point-and-shoot cameras, each has their own unique lithium battery.  Most cell phones (if you carry one on the trail for pickup/emergencies,etc.) also have their own unique lithium batteries.  Can’t find an easy replacement needed every few weeks.  So, how do you charge them?  Bring the bulky chargers along in the pack?

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I’ve read of long distance hikers including a charger in their “bounce box” that is picked up at one re-supply point and re-mailed to another one down the road where a layover is planned.  Another option might be to send your expended batteries back to your re-supply helper and have them send charged batteries along with your resupply packages.  Obviously neither of these options will work if you’re not using mail based re-supply.

Something else you might consider is using one of the current generation cameras that uses aa batteries.  Last I checked there were still some of the Canon A-series cameras that used AA batteries.  A less cost/weight conscious option might be to carry a solar charger.